Even despite all the democratic, tolerant, and stereotypes-destructive processes that are becoming to dominate our worldview, our world is still a little cruel place to live if you are somewhere different from most people on the globe. 

Our highest mission is to fight inequality, gender, and relationships stereotypes globally, but these are the things that are impossible to combat quickly. 

That is why we decided to start from a little step and create this safe community for guys who want to make their sexual choices freely and without fear of being condemned.

We want to make your life not only easy but also offer you to have some fun with the dating websites, live chat platforms, and products we are listing, reviewing, and evaluating here. By providing you this information for free and calling a spade a spade, we want you to feel at ease here.

What is more, we are carefully reviewing every website or product so that you can make a fully-informed choice. All the websites we have collected there, are reviewed taking into account their main features:

  • crucial pros and cons that may immediately affect your choice
  • the specifics of members structure and the main intentions of people whom you can meet on a specific site
  • design impression, which included the ease of signing in and registering, overall user interface and the presence of a mobile app, as well as the main features embedded in the user’s account
  • the price of services and the quality-to-price ratio
  • the most important questions regarding safety, scam, and security. 

Finally, we want to say that our community is still developing, and there is a high probability that soon you will be able to use even more features and get even more information on all the issues that concern you.